Waterville Area Wireless Association WA1WA
Wireless Communication Around the World
Promoting Amateur Radio in Central Maine
Fox Hunt    We will all meet at McDonald’s at 8:00 AM. And the fox hunt will go from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. The fox hunt will be in the Waterville/ Winslow area. Everyone needs to get out and find the fox first. The fox hunt may be a coordinated effort. We will work in teams with a coordinator. Each team will be sent a specific place where they will find the direction of the fox. Then calling the direction in to the coordinator. The coordinator will have us work our way in to the fox until we all locate the fox at about the same time. At which it will have been a coordinated effort to find the fox. We also have fox hunts where each person looks for the fox on their own. We also have fox hunts with two people to a car. One does the driving and the other scans for the fox to find which direction to go. I know who is going to be the fox in the next fox hunt. Waterville Area Wireless Association
W1MAE & KB1UTD found the fox in September. I know who is going to be the fox in the next fox hunt. And I’ll kick the fox any time I want! If you was the fox I would still kick the fox.
“K1BBJ” Don’t kick the fox Ron. Are you going to kick the fox in the next fox hunt too? Where are you at K1ADM? Can’t you find the fox? Do you need a hint?
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