When it comes to car maintenance, there are many ways on how to know that there is something wrong with our car, and one of the telltale signs is determined by the color of the exhaust that your car puts off. Whenever we see a colored exhaust, whether it is black or white coming from the car’s tailpipe, we oftentimes get panicked because this is something that is not usual to see. To give you some peace of mind, not all black exhaust indicates serious problems in your car.  

To maintain safety, make sure that you are equipped with the right help from roadside assistance Greenville NC whenever you encounter or experience inconvenience or issues on the road. It is very crucial to ask for help from the right company or service whenever problems arise.  

It is also equally important to know basic information about these matters. Knowing different exhaust colors and what they indicate is important. So, in this article, we will share with you some different exhaust colors and what do they mean.  

1.Black Exhaust 

There are several reasons why an automobile releases a black exhaust which includes a clogged filter, blocked manifold, faulty fuel injection system, or a decreased fuel economy that leads your car to burn more fuel than what is normally required. It does not necessarily mean that your vehicle is experiencing something serious. However, when this shall arise, you need to diagnose the problem immediately and repair it if necessary.  

2.White Exhaust 

White exhaust, unlike other colors, is the least probable indication of car issues. This exhaust is most probably caused by the clash of two different temperatures between your car and the environment. This is commonly experienced during winter when the cold breeze collides with the heat of the exhaust, thus creating a white smoke from the tailpipe. However, when the white exhaust persists even after cold seasons, there could be an issue. Some probable causes include leaking coolant, broken fuel pumping injection, or other issues. It is best to call for a professional for assistance and proper diagnosis.  

3.Blue Exhaust 

Although there can be several causes for a blue exhaust, this type of exhaust is rarely seen, so it might indicate a more serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately.  

Some probable causes include an oil leak problem. When the fuel is mixed with the oil that enters the combustion chamber, this color of the exhaust is created. Another reason can be an oil leak caused by the worn valve seals and cylinders. Call your technician for a diagnosis and repair.  

4.Grey Exhaust 

Similar to the blue smoke, a gray exhaust is not a good sign because it might mean an internal leak vehicle issue or a damaged engine block. These problems are serious and if left unrepaired, they will cause inconvenience to the extent of collision.  

While it is true that services are available to help you like towing companies, it is still important to maintain basic knowledge on how to diagnose simple car issues. We do hope we helped you in recognizing problems through exhaust colors.